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Making the right decision for our son was a breeze with help from Sope Creek Foundation."

?Tanya O.

Sope Creek has partnered with Dr. Steven Van Ginkel at GA tech, a leader in technology and innovation in the area of Aquaponics. Using aquaponics, our students will be looking at new ways to grow and cultivate food. Our world is growing and over the next few years, it is predicted there will be less land and less farming.

Students will be able to see the current and most innovative way to grow and cultivate real food for the next generation. Aquaponics is one of the answers to provide our next generation with safe and healthy food to eat in a way that protects our environment, and is a sustainable method of growing food in small spaces. Aquaponics impacts our school as a whole via citizenship and being good stewards of our resources. Additionally, it teaches specific standards in every grade.

  • Kindergarten: Soils, animals and plants
  • 1st grade: Basic needs of living thing
  • 2nd grade: Life cycles and environmental sciences
  • 3rd grade: Heat energy, pollution, conservation
  • 4th grade: Ecosystems and food chain
  • 5th grade: Microorganisms and role of technology in science