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Check It Off! Learn more, and donate to our campaign today!

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View our new brochure to learn what we do, what we fund; and how you can help!

What the Foundation recently funded:

  • 3 laptop carts; 90 laptops
  • 60 iPads and iPad cart,
  • 30 laptops and laptop cart (with PTA)
  • Tutoring for reading, 1st and 2nd grade students 
  • Orton Gillingham Training, Teach Your Heart Out and other teacher writing workshops
  • Aquaponics program (all grades) - a food growing technology that brings STEM into the classroom
  • Ozobots and Spheros for 2nd grade, for beginners? coding
  • PE incentives, Atlanta 500 Luggage Tags
  • RAZ kids (reading software)
  • Breakout EDU for 5th grade (puzzles requiring teamwork and critical thinking skills)
  • Tynker Subscription Renewal
  • 3D Printer Supplies
  • Math Olympiad
  • 5th Grade Jekyll Island - Bus Driver Giftcards
  • Stock Market Game
  • Scholastic Storyworks - Inferences

The Sope Creek Foundation has one goal: to raise money to benefit all Sope Creek students. Nearly every dollar raised by our organization goes directly back to the school. From helping our children gain fluency and confidence in their reading skills to building the future engineers in our community with STEM-related content, the Foundation is able to maximize your donation by working with the administration to purchase products and service that benefit every child in our community.

How are we able to do this? Through your generous ONE TIME donation! Rather than asking your family to sell raffle tickets or purchase products, we simply request a single donation for the entire school year.

We hope you will consider investing in your child?s educational future with a minimum contribution of $125 per family.  However, we encourage each family to give at a level that is meaningful to them. Thank you in advance for your support of our Foundation, our school and our children.

For Questions about the Foundation,  please contact our co-presidents, Amanda Moulthrop and Tricia Pohlmann at

What other great things has the Foundation funded in the past?

  • The Track and Trail system
  • The Learning Commons
  • The school marquee
  • WeatherSTEM station
  • Nurses Conference
  • School Counselor Conference
  • Art Day (in cooperation with PTA)
  • Water Bottle filling stations
  • And so much more!