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FALL 2019 FAST CLASSES: Download Master Schedule 

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Welcome to the Sope Creek Foundation FAST Program.  We are excited to bring over 50 opportunities for your child to participate in after-school enrichment programs. Not only do these classes help to enrich the educational experience for students, 12% of the proceeds from all classes go back to the Foundation which we then give back to  Sope Creek Elementary through grants for our school.  A win‐win for everyone!! 


Fall semester will be 12-weeks beginning the week of August 19th

  • Monday Classes end December 9th; Wednesday Classes end December 11th & Thursday Classes end December 12th
  • Registration for the 2019 Fall FAST classes is completed online only through Registration for Kid Chess at
  • Registration for classes will open on Monday, July 29th at 8:00 p.m. and close August 7th at 8:00 p.m. Classes fill up quickly! 
  • Please email us with any questions,  

Guidelines and Waivers:

• Registration is open for 1 week to accommodate all family schedules.  Please register during this period as there is no registration after registration is closed, regardless if there is an opening in the FAST Class.
• A parent account must be established before registering. 
• Each child must be registered to this account. 
• FAST classes can be viewed by class, day, time and grade. 
• All class details for the FAST classes will be available on this site, as well as on the Foundation website. 
• Once registration is completed, there is a no‐cancellation policy and you will not be allowed to switch classes. 

Pick‐Up Guidelines 
• All FAST students must be registered for Sope Creek’s After School Program (ASP).  Completed paperwork, along with a yearly $10 registration fee is required prior to participating in ALL FAST CLASSES. ASP paperwork can be picked up in the Front Office.
• If a parent is more than 10 minutes late for pick‐up, their student will be sent to ASP and they will be charged the $7 daily ASP rate.
• Parents will pick‐up FAST students from their FAST teachers outside of the assigned school entrance.   
• Parents should be prepared to show a photo ID. 

Transportation Note Guidelines . A transportation change note is ONLY necessary if: 
• You have chosen parent pick‐up during FAST registration, but your child is NOT attending the FAST class that day.
• You have chosen parent pick‐up during FAST registration, but your child is going to ASP that day. 
• You have chosen ASP during FAST registration, but you are picking up your child after the FAST class. 
• All transportations changes MUST be made by 1:45 pm. 

Behavior Guidelines 
The same behavior expectations apply in the FAST classes as during the regular school day. All Cobb County School District policies in the student handbook apply to each  FAST class.Inappropriate behavior will result in the child’s withdrawal from the FAST class.  A refund will NOT be given.  Students will be withdrawn from the FAST class for the  following reasons: 2 late arrivals to the FAST class  and/or discipline problems 


Waiver In consideration of Sope Creek Elementary School, Cobb County Board of Education, and Sope Creek Elementary School Foundation, Inc. its sponsors, agents, servants, representatives and assigns (collectively Sope Creek) organizing and conducting the Sope Creek Foundation After School Time (FAST) programs held from August 20, 2018 through May 23, 2019 and allowing me to participate in the FAST classes, I hereby covenant and agree not to sue, and release, discharge and hold harmless Sope Creek of and from all claims, demands, rights and causes of action of whatever kind or nature arising from and by reason of my participating or my child participating in any FAST classes, including any and all known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen bodily and personal injury, damage to property, and consequences thereof, resulting from my participation or my child's participation in any FAST programs.